Total Tech is poised and ready to help you with your issues, no matter the size!  We have a broad range of Security and Information Technology professionals ready to meet your needs!

Information Technology

We offer many "I.T" related services: Telephone Systems, Hardware purchasing and Maintenance, Software suites designed to increase productivity, Antivirus coverage, Server implementation and Management, Networking, Cabling, Domain and website creation and management, Email Services, WiFi troubleshooting and implementation, Point to Point Networking, Software Support, and many more niche "I.T." related services. Call us to find out more!


We also offer complete home and business security systems including service on existing systems. We can install burglary and fire systems in existing or new buildings, as well as upgrade systems.


We also offer access control configurations to provide secure and economical access to all your facilities.


We can quote and set up security cameras in all types of environments: Residential, Commercial, Government, even outdoors. We have staff Licensed to work in both Kentucky and Tennessee. Rather you want to protect your business from cash theft or keep an eye on your farm equipment:  Total Tech Solutions has you covered.


We will teach you how to monitor your system, and help you with any problems you run into along the way. Our systems support cell phone applications that allow you to monitor your systems from anywhere you have cellphone service.

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